1. Introduction to Charles Piper's Professional Services

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Q: What methods of payment does Charles Piper's Professional Services accept?

A: Charles Piper's Professional Services offers several payment options.
     1. Credit Card payments can be made via PayPal.
        (Credit Card payment arrangements should be discussed during
         initial consultation.)


     2. Checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and cash
ill also be accepted
        (Checks should be made payable to: Charles Piper's Professional Services.) 
        (See mailing address on "Contacts" Tab if necessary) 

Q: Have all private investigators previously served in law enforcement?
A:  Many PIs never served in law enforcement or in the field of criminal justice. 
Charles Piper is a licensed private investigator who served for twenty years as a Federal Agent-Criminal Investigator. In addition, he also previously served as a U.S. Army Military Police Officer, Military Police Investigator, City Police Officer, and Supervisory Detective.

Q: Do all private investigators have investigative experience before becoming licensed?
A: No, in fact, some private investigators never completed a single investigation before obtaining their PI license.  Also, some reputable private investigation companies are owned by seasoned private investigators who employ less experienced investigators.
Charles Piper has over thirty years of successful investigative experience.  

Q: Have all private investigators completed investigative academies?
A: No, several states do not even have PI licensing requirements. Some states have very demanding PI requirements. Some states conduct background checks on the PI applicants and may also require the applicants to read two or three books before taking a PI examination. Many states also require Private Investigators to complete additional annual training.
Charles Piper is a graduate of three law enforcement/investigative academies (military, state and federal). He graduated with honors (Cum Laude) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and finished second in academics in his state’s police academy.  He has completed additional training courses in numerous fields of investigative study including over 200 hours of reputable Interview and Interrogation training. Mr. Piper has conducted thousands of interviews nationwide of people from all backgrounds and has even served as an Interview and Interrogation Subject Matter Expert.  He possesses three current professional certifications and regularly exceeds annual license and certification training requirements.

Q:  Does the State of Tennessee require each private investigator applicant to pass a written examination before the state issues them a private investigator license?
A:   Currently, Tennessee PI applicants must take an examination and are required to make a passing grade of at least 70 percent before being issued their PI License.  Mr. Piper passed Tennessee’s PI Licensing Exam with a score of 96 percent.  He also passed Tennessee’s additional PI Company examination with a score of 94 percent. Many of the private investigators in Tennessee who opened their companies several years ago never had to take a written PI or PI Company examination – they were “grandfathered” into the system. However, all Tennessee Licensed Private Investigators are required to complete additional annual training.

Q:  Do all investigators always conduct thorough investigations?
A:  There are many superb investigators in the U.S.A.  However, some investigators  - even some in law enforcement - cut corners, improperly prioritize, are over tasked, or simply do not have the experience/expertise to do the job they are trying to do. Some investigations are initiated with improper objectives and/or preconceived notions.  Factually, there are too many “cold cases” and “unfounded” cases sitting in file drawers.  Also, some innocent people have been convicted of crimes they never committed.
Charles Piper conducts detailed, thorough and well documented investigations which have held up in court. When reviewing others’ investigations, Mr. Piper knows that information may be lacking, misleading or incorrect.

Q: What type of investigations has Charles Piper conducted?
A:  Please see the "Types of Cases" tab.

Q:  If a client’s case needs to be presented to an attorney, will the private investigator know how to present the case?
A:  Some PIs have never presented a case to an attorney and many have never testified at a hearing. Charles Piper has presented cases to attorneys from coast-to-coast and he has testified at numerous criminal and civil adjudicative hearings. 

Q: Does Charles Piper’s Professional Services (CPPS) keep its clients informed of the progress during investigations?
A:  Clients deserve to be kept well informed of their investigation’s progress. CPPS provides updates as requested by each client and provides a detailed well documented summary report at the conclusion of each investigation.

Q: What attributes should a potential client look for when hiring a private investigator?
A:  There are many reputable private investigators and private investigation companies around the United States. Charles Piper’s Professional Services is proud of the professional relationships it has developed with many of them.  A potential client should ensure the private investigator and the private investigation company they select has the ability, experience and desire to provide the requested services.  Honesty, a solid work ethic and professionalism are also extremely important attributes to consider.  The client should ascertain the experience level of investigator who will actually provide the services and not just rely on the company’s years of experience.  A client can ask the PI to provide a current certificate of insurance. 

As a 20-year Federal Agent, Charles Piper has held one of the highest level Government security clearances available, has over thirty years of successful investigative experience and he will provide certificates of insurance upon request. 

Q:  Why should a potential client do business with Charles Piper’s Professional Services rather than another private investigation company?
A: There are many reputable and non-reputable PI companies in the USA.  Charles Piper's Professional Services (CPPS) conducts QUALITY AND SKILLFUL INVESTIGATIONS and strives to perform every investigation in a manner which will meet the client’s needs and exceed their expectations by providing thorough & well documented investigations. Each investigation is followed with a  professionally written and detailed report. Should testimony later be required, it can be provided with honesty, integrity and confidence.  Charles Piper, the owner of CPPS, has led and/or worked jointly with some of the finest law enforcement organizations and agencies in the United States.  Piper knows firsthand how to commit to the cause and provide professional results. (See the Testimonials Tab.)


Q:  How can Charles Piper assist in fighting fraud?
A:  Charles Piper has over twenty years experience investigating fraud, waste and abuse.  His investigations have resulted in numerous indictments, convictions, civil recoveries, fines, and restitution.  As a result of his investigations, millions of dollars have been recovered.  Many investigators only try to “solve the case” which they were assigned. Mr. Piper has proven experience at identifying trends and patterns which often uncover additional fraud and/or other wrongdoing which was not previously detected.

In May 4, 2012, Mr. Piper voluntarily (at no cost) agreed to meet with metropolitan officials and he provided useful input to assist in the government's efforts to combat fraud, waste, abuse and employee misconduct. This demonstrates Piper's commitment to help others beyond the call of duty.  

CPPS also offers private entities the opportunity to participate in
Fraud Risk Assessments which will assist in identifying potential fraud vulnerabilities. CPPS can also prepare & provide entities with their own Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and provide Ethics and other training to company employees.  CPPS offers these services at reasonable rates to assist entities in identifying potential internal weaknesses and in attempt to avoid future losses which can help reduce or eliminate the need for future investigations.

Q: How do Mr. Piper’s financial investigations differ from other investigators?
A:  Piper provides honest, high quality investigative services that are thorough and well documented. (See the Testimonials Tab). When appropriate, Mr. Piper initiates investigations attempting to not only solve the cases, but to simultaneously search for and identify potential weaknesses which allowed the fraud or other wrongdoing to occur in the first place.  He has over twenty years of proven experience doing this.  At the conclusion of those investigations, written reports identifying areas of concern are provided to the clients along with written recommendations for improvement. Most investigators, including many respected state, local and federal agents, were never trained to investigate this thoroughly. Charles Piper’s goal is to solve the case and stop the fraud.  Note: Clients who only want limited investigations conducted will be accommodated.

Q: Has Charles Piper received special training in conducting fraud investigations?
A:  Charles Piper is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS). He has completed numerous fraud investigation training classes/courses and continues his education by regularly completing continuing education classes/courses.  Mr. Piper has also provided training to various professionals and entities and his writings have been professionally published to assist others.

Q:  Does Charles Piper’s Professional Services (CPPS) only investigate for wrongdoing and/or financial losses?
A:  CPPS conducts investigations that need to be conducted - period!
If you want HONEST, TOP-QUALITY investigative work done - call Charles Piper's Professional Service.  

Keep in mind that the purpose of any investigation is to learn the truth and often to identify facts/information not previously reported or documented.  If you want PROFESSIONAL investigation conducted - Call Charles Piper's Professional Services. 

Q:  What other investigative agencies has Charles Piper worked jointly with?
When previously serving as a Special Agent for twenty years, Charles Piper was a member of various federal task force investigations and working groups.  During his professional career, Piper has led and/or conducted investigations jointly with many investigative agencies including many Offices of Inspector General, the FBI, CIA, ICE, ATF, Secret Service, Postal Inspectors, NASA, Health & Human Services, Office of Personnel Management, Social Security Administration, Department of Education, NCIS, AFOSI, Army-CID, DoD-OIG (DCIS) as well as state and local police agencies. He has conducted investigations nationwide.


Q:  Why would companies or professionals accused of white-collar or other offenses and/or their representing law firms want Charles Piper’s Professional Services (CPPS) to be part of their investigative team?

A:  Charles Piper, the owner of CPPS, has firsthand knowledge of investigative procedures, practices, and tactics often utilized  by members of the Department of Justice, Department of Defense (DoD), Medicare/TRICARE, Offices of Inspector General and other law enforcement /investigative agencies.
  Professionals, medical providers, and entities accused of white-collar and/or other offenses deserve to have the best investigative resources to assist in their defense.  CPPS conducts thorough and well documented investigations which typically identify facts not previously documented or reported. 

Unfortunately, some professionals who make a living conducting interviews and/or interrogations actually think the purpose of interviewing a suspect is to obtain a confession!  An interview should be conducted with the goal of obtaining information and/or learning the truth.  The justice scale should be balanced. Facts are facts and the truth is the truth. Sometimes it takes an experienced, honest and objective PI to learn and prove the truth which may conflict with others’ previously written official reports. There are two sides to every story and innocent people do NOT belong in prison. (See the "Types of Cases" tab.) 

With over 30 years of well rounded experience, the oppositions’ cases are also reviewed, examined, scrutinized, compared and dissected in efforts to uncover flaws, under-reporting, inconsistencies, procedural violations, and/or other weaknesses.
  Police video tapes are reviewed in detail.

Some others' investigations only document findings which will support a conviction of their identified target &  exculpatory information is often NOT documented or pursued. Charles Piper's Professional Services conducts thorough and well documented investigations.

In street crime cases, DNA Evidence occasionally proves that individuals sentenced to prison were actually innocent.   After sentences are imposed in white-collar crime cases, there will not be any DNA evidence later discovered to prove the truth. Therefore,
professionals accused of white-collar or other offenses, and their representing law firms should want Charles Piper’s Professional Services to be part of their investigative team. Investigations should be conducted thoroughly the first time.


Q:  Is it expensive to hire a private investigator?  How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

  A potential client should keep in mind that like any other service ordered,
"you get what they pay for. "

The cost of hiring a private investigator (PI) has several  variables. Obviously, some services take longer to provide then others. For example, surveillance can sometimes be completed quickly while others last several days or longer.  
Well planned and conducted interviews take longer to complete by a professional then perhaps someone who is just going through the motions (with no real experience). Services like verifying an address or social security number are typically billed at flat fees.  But the biggest variable is the price PIs charge for their time.

Research performed by CPPS found that PI rates vary greatly around the U.S.A. - even within the same geographical areas!

Hourly Private Investigator or Investigative Consultant rates can very from approximately $50 to $400 per hour.
However, typical rates around the USA might range from approximately $75 to $150 per hour.

Daily "Flat Fee" PI Rates are sometimes offered in lieu of hourly rates. 

Clients should also expect to pay for millage (approx .55 cents per mile) and additional expenses incurred (i.e., research & administrative fees, access to subscribed databases fees, photography/video processing-copying fees, postage, - per diem if the PI travels outside their geographical area -  etc.)

Potential clients should ensure they hire an experienced and trustworthy professional
if they want professional results.

Q:  Are all private investigators insured?
A:  Not all PIs are insured. Not having insurance could allow some PIs to charge less. 
Charles Piper and his company are both licensed and insured.

Q:  Do those who hire a private investigator have to pay any money up-front?
A:  Many Private investigators require payment of a retainer before any investigative work is initiated. The PI will then perform billable work which is charged to the retainer. When the retainer is exhausted, the PI will normally cease work until additional funds are provided.  This procedure is considered the norm in the PI industry and ensures the client is never billed an amount which is more than what they bargained for. Charles Piper’s Professional Services normally requires payment of a retainer before investigative services are initiated. Clients are kept informed of the investigative progress as agreed upon. At the conclusion of each investigation, a detailed investigative summary report is provided to the client.

Q:  What if the client changes their mind and wants the investigation to stop?
AEach PI and/or PI Company has their own procedures on how to deal with cancellations.  Some PIs will not refund any portion of retainers. Typically, Charles Piper’s Professional Services (CPPS) allows clients to stop the investigation at anytime.  Unless otherwise agreed to, clients requesting cancellation, would then be billed for work already performed, expenses already incurred and completion of a summary report. (If cancelled, the remaining unused portion of the retainer would be returned to the client. Note: Typically a minimum amount (to be determined)  will be retained by CPPS even if the Client opts to cancel the agreed upon service. Occasionally, CPPS initiates cases based only on an "Initial Minimum Nonrefundable Fee" bases. This can be be the case when a great deal of preparation is warranted before or during the investigation and/or when CPPS must commit significant resources to the effort.


Q: Does Charles Piper's Professional Services have experience utilizing cameras and other covert detection devices?
A:  Mr. Charles Piper is experienced at utilizing cameras - including covert/hidden recording devices (pinhole cameras and audio/video recorders).  He received training provided by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on the use of Technical Investigative Equipment and has successfully utilized such devices to help prove wrongdoing.

As permitted by law, Charles Piper's Professional Services has the resources to utilize some of the latest available covert and overt recording and monitoring technology.  Businesses and individual's unique needs for the installation and/or use of such equipment can be made on a cases-by-case basis.  Arrangements can be made for the use of temporary or permanent monitoring/recording equipment to assist in efforts to detect and/or prevent wrongdoing. Counter detection requests can also be accommodated


Q:  What type of consulting services does Charles Piper’s Professional Services provide?
Sometimes entities, law firms or individuals do not need investigations (per se)
conducted. Instead, they just need the insight and/or expertise of an individual with the knowledge they seek.  Having served as a law enforcement officer, detective, special agent and fraud fighter, Mr. Piper has developed knowledge in many areas which might prove useful to clients. For example, Mr. Piper knows how investigations should be conducted. Therefore, he can evaluate and/or offer suggestions on ways to improve existing investigative policies and procedures. As described above, CPPS also provides Fraud Risk Assessments, provides written Code of Business and Ethics Conduct, and provides training.  With over thirty years of successful experience, Mr. Piper can also assist in planning interview strategies and interview question formations so that interviews conducted by others might result in the most useful and complete (& truthful) information being obtained.

Mr. Piper can also review others’ already “completed” investigations interviews and/or interrogations - perhaps identifying flaws, instances of under-reporting, inconsistencies, policy & procedural violations, and/or other weaknesses, etc.  Charles Piper also served over thirty years with the Department of Defense. 

Mr. Piper also provides Whistle Blower (Qui Tam) assistance to attorneys and/or law firms and assists in document examinations, discussions and authoring detailed summary reports.


Charles Piper’s Professional Services provides training on topics such as:
  • Occupational Fraud 
  • Business Ethics & Integrity
  • Contract and Procurement Fraud 
  • Bid-Rigging Red Flags 
  • Business Fraud & Ethics
  • Healthcare Provider Fraud 
  • Ethics & Integrity in Law Enforcement & Investigations
  • Piper's own unique investigative methodology (See Publications Tab)
  • ETC.

Q:  Does Charles Piper's Professional Services (CPPS) work with other professionals in the investigative arena?
A:  CPPS has nationwide professional relationships with some of the finest and most experienced professionals in the field including: private investigators, computer forensic professionals, polygraph examiners, electronic bug sweepers, background screeners, asset locators, and surveillance and security professionals.  Many of these professionals have served in and/or retired from careers in law enforcement. 


A:  Charles Piper is trained in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST). He is also a graduate of three (3) law enforcement/investigative academies. Based on proven experience, Charles Piper’s conducts detailed, thorough, and analytical investigations.

Police officers nationwide often videotape the three phases of DUI/DWI Detection prior to arrest: Vehicle in Motion, Personal Contact, and Pre-Arrest Screening.  That video is usually considered, “EVIDENCE” against the accused.

Factually, the NHTSA’s Standardized Field Sobriety Battery Tests are required to be administered in a specified manner.  Studies and Validation Studies have shown that when an officer administers the field sobriety test properly and also properly interprets the cues and clues, they may develop probable cause to arrest a driver for DUI/DWI. 

However, too often some officers do not administer the Standardized Field Sobriety Test correctly and/or some officers improperly evaluate/score cues and clues. When this occurs, it could give reason to QUESTION the PROBABLE CAUSE which led to the arrest. 

CPPS reviews and evaluates the police video(s) that show the officer’s administration of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test as well as the driver’s performance. Other considerations include the surface and lighting conditions at the time the test was administered.

Upon request, CPPS provides a written report detailing the review of the police video and when applicable, will reference specific instructions not followed in accordance with the NHTSA’s SFST Student Manual. 

CPPS can provide attorneys with split (unenhanced) video copies of the original police video, divided into separate segments which allow for simplistic courtroom video demonstrations depicting the areas of concern.  

In short, a detailed post arrest investigation often uncovers useful evidence and/or sometimes refutes previously provided evidence, which would not otherwise be brought to light.  CPPS works closely with attorneys who specialize in many areas – including DUI/DWI defense.

If you think you might need the services of
Charles Piper’s Professional Services, 
please see the “Contact” Tab on this website.


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