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“I am based in Australia and contacted Charles Piper regarding investigative services I required in Memphis. He was extremely prompt in replying to my correspondence and actioning my request.  His collection of evidence, findings and illustrative summary report exceeded expectations. 

I recommend Investigator Charles Piper to anyone needing professional high quality investigative work completed."

                                                                                               Tania Connolly

"I have used Private Investigator Charles Piper on several cases.
He always provides my clients with superb investigative assistance in excellent turnaround time.  He is a true professional investigator. I don't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for the best."

                                                      - West Tennessee Attorney William A. Young, Jr.
                                                          (901) 729-9422    (24-hours a day)

   "Charles Piper provides detailed investigative services. His interviews are
    thorough and complete. Piper provides professionally written summary 
    and illustrative reports that exceed expectations.”

                                                         - Attorney Kevin Patterson – KGP Law Firm   

Piper is the most mission-oriented individual I have met in my federal law enforcement career...Piper is one of the most persistent investigators I have ever known."  
         -  GM, CFS

"...He is truly a professional in all respects."
 EB (Department of Justice)

“Piper is the most thorough investigator that I have ever seen.  He continually solves seemingly hopeless crimes resulting in the conviction of the perpetrators…Piper is a tireless worker who goes above and beyond what is expected of him…”
- TG

“…I highly recommend Mr. Piper as a speaker because he is informative, insightful, entertaining, and his discussion of case examples of fraud investigations are relevant to today’s auditors-investigators…”

“Having served as a professional investigator for over twenty years, I can personally attest that Mr. Charles Piper is one of the most detailed investigators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  He takes every investigation seriously and gets results.”   

        - BD

“Mr. Piper’s cases have constantly resulted in solid cases for me to present in court.  Mr. Piper is very articulate and makes an excellent witness...”        
- KR (Trial Attorney)                     
“…I have found Mr. Piper to be dedicated, conscientious, and honest. He is committed to rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse…”
- BR (Department of Justice) 

Regarding one of Piper’s case presentations: “It was without a doubt, the best organized and    most useful compilation that I have ever received in my 18 years as a trial attorney.”
- SA (Department of Justice)

“…Piper has aptly fulfilled the motto of ‘Guarding the Health Care of Those Who Guard Us'…”
- RS (Director of Healthcare Program Integrity Unit)


"If I wrote a screenplay involving a fraud detective, I would draft that character in the image and likeness of Mr. Charles Piper. I think he is like the 'Dirty Harry' of fraud investigations."

      - J.C. (Active Senior Federal Agent)

"Piper is an excellent leader, and a superb manager…is innovative, thorough, and extremely effective…knows how to manage people and resources…presents an excellent image for the organization..."                               
- Lieutenant Colonel T.A. (U.S. Army)

 "He will exceed your expectations..."
      - RM (40 + Years Federal Service)

A Letter from the President
of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Jan 24, 2013
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